The DISCUS OpenRaft™ is new, but we’re not

DISCUS Engineered Products LLC was launched in January 2011 with a mission to “provide state-of-the-art solutions to enhance environmental controls for above-ground liquid storage tanks and to improve emissions, safety, maintenance and operations.”

Clearly, an audacious aspiration.

In our initial business plan document, we stated that our intention was to “leverage our knowledge, experience and engineering expertise to provide new and demonstrably better products.”

We went on to state that our products would be developed in direct response to customer requests to enhance their workers’ safety while improving their corporate, environmental and financial performance.

We pledged to conduct ourselves with pride, integrity, and intelligence and committed to incorporate safety from the ground-up and the top-down to provide the safest working conditions possible.

We stated our intention to build on our 74 years of collective experience and create a company using modern technology, connectivity, equipment, tooling, workforce options, flexibility and experienced workers.

Today, we stand by and re-commit to these bold and confident goals and values, and we do this based on who we are. So who are we?

David Rosenkrantz, Founder and President: David is a 36-year veteran of the petrochemical industry who holds three patents with one more pending for floating roof designs and inventions. In developing the DISCUS floating deck model, he drew upon his experience and knowledge of the petrochemical industry and also his extensive involvement in EPA rulemaking, testing protocols, and design standards for tank roofs.  David’s experience spans tank and complete terminal design, tank inspection and repairs, building construction, overhead crane design, butane blending, piping and hydraulics, commercial product design, steel and concrete structures, engineering software, expert witness, and other specialty work.

Bill Grimes, Managing Partner: Bill’s career spans 37 years and his skillset includes business development, marketing, customer service and support, and project management. Prior to joining DISCUS, Bill was a sales engineer with Allentech for 13 years and a business development manager for Matrix Service for eight years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with tank roof design, manufacture and installation, as well as deep relationships throughout the industry.

DISCUS is a company of tremendous innovation, great technical knowhow, advanced engineering, extensive experience and solid execution. But above all DISCUS is US, David and Bill, our experience, our characters, our strengths and values both individual and combined. We are well known, readily available and very approachable. We stand for our products, our service and above all our values and commitments.