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Focus on the Field

INTERVIEW with Donna Black, DISCUS Field Services Superintendent I am a firm believer when you represent a company and you do good quality work, your company moves forward and so do you. Donna Black recently installed her first DISCUS full contact aluminum floating cover, as Field Superintendent, for a project in…

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DISCUS eliminates pontoons

Safety in general terms is identifying potential risk, then managing that risk by mitigation or preferably elimination. Managing enclosed flotation compartments on aluminum internal floating roofs (AIFRs) which are well known to leak is a matter of mitigation.  As an obvious threat to safety, and in order to guarantee a…

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The DISCUS OpenRaft™ is new, but we’re not

DISCUS Engineered Products LLC was launched in January 2011 with a mission to “provide state-of-the-art solutions to enhance environmental controls for above-ground liquid storage tanks and to improve emissions, safety, maintenance and operations.” Clearly, an audacious aspiration. In our initial business plan document, we stated that our intention was to…

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