A better, safer manway

Dual-access manway, ladder, and vent

3 things you should know before you close the hatch

The DISCUS OpenRaft™ features a combined manway/PV vent, reducing emissions sources to a true, single emission equivalent.


1 ) DISCUS uses a true bolted and gasketed manway as opposed to others who use a hinged design with one or two bolts or latches. They may meet the letter of the rule with a design that includes 1 or 2 bolts, however, they are not liquid tight and do not meet the intent of AP-42 or visually demonstrate equivalency to the type of manway used to develop the emission factors.

2 ) DISCUS manways are gasketed and secured all around with closely spaced stainless steel bolts. Our PV vents can include a weighted, gasketed cover similar to those found on steel floating roofs (again similar to the device used to establish emission rates) or a pallet type cover.


3 ) Beyond emission concerns, we always look at the safety aspects of every piece of equipment on or associated with our IFR. Having seen manways with ladders positioned in very unsafe ways, we created a safe and permanent way to gain access through the deck. Every DISCUS manway includes an attached OSHA 300-pound-rated ladder for safe access, used by our installation crew and then secured to the underside of the deck for future access, inspections, etc.