No pontoons.
No honeycomb.
No enclosed compartments.

Are you still testing, and removing or repairing leaky compartments?

It’s a known fact: Pontoons and honeycomb panels leak. All enclosed aluminum compartments accumulate product and must be tested. Pontoons or honeycomb modules containing hydrocarbons, must be de-gassed, removed, replaced, etc. This ongoing problem increases tank downtime, but there is a better way …

DISCUS eliminates enclosed compartments

The DISCUS OpenRaft™ has no enclosed compartments. None. Ever.

  • No pontoons or modules to test, de-gas and replace
  • Working on top of the OpenRaft™ compares to being on a steel floating roof
  • “What You See”— topside inspection is all you need to do to determine if the floating cover is safe to work on or under
  • Talk to your safety coordinator, and contact us for information