Chains, not cables

The DISCUS multi-point chain suspension system is designed for 12.5 psf live load (same spec as steel IFRs).  Where many companies use cables to suspend IFRs, at DISCUS we prefer chains because:

  • chains attach to the fixed roof without looping at the suspension point—looping is necessary with cables and weakens them
  • chains don’t need cable clamps, which are oftentimes mis-rated or mis-used
  • chains nest nicely under the suspension point, whereas cables can lose their memory if stretched and no longer coil under their suspension point, and may drape in the seal area

The petrochemical industry’s adoption of aluminum floating roofs accelerated dramatically with the arrival of suspension systems: a huge leap in safety. Replacing legs with suspension systems allows operators to change the support heights without entrance into the tank. Suspension systems also reduce emissions by eliminating the legs and leg sleeves. During tank maintenance a chain-suspended roof can be pinned at a high position, providing clear span underneath and easy access for workers. Alternatively, the high-high position allows easy access for trucks and equipment.