DISCUS accommodates rim space variations better.

API calls for +/- 4″ but we wanted to do better, so we designed our seals to acommodate +/- 6″ with ease. We also custom fabricate specialty and out-of-round seal designs.

Double-shoe seal

The DISCUS double-shoe seal is our standard seal configuration. Wipers tend to wear out (think of them like windshield wiper blades on a car), our stainless steel mechanical shoe seals last much longer.

The simple truth about shoes: they last longer

Wiper seals wear out all the time … so, why are people still using them? It’s a known product, it’s ingrained, maintenance budgets and service companies thrive on replacing them. We don’t want your maintenance contract. We want you to have the best product from the beginning. Double-shoe seals provide the greatest longevity and least maintenance, and the best product compatibility—a major bonus versus wipers.

Shoe-wiper seal

The most commonly called for double seal configuration. At DISCUS, our recommended seal for most applications is a Double Shoe Seal for optimum longevity, except in cases where a shoe and wiper combination is required to reduce the seal profile.

Armored liquid-mounted seal

Log seals are rarely used because they become abrased by the tank shell and eventually leak. In cases where they are still called for, DISCUS provides the only (it’s patented) armored log seal, featuring a shoe plate between the log and tank wall. Our lowest profile seal. 

DISCUS recommended seal for most applications is our Double Shoe Seal however, if a log seal, or the combination of a single seal and low emissions is required, we’ve got your Bact.