Welded OpenRaft™

The DISCUS OpenRaft™ Welded AIFR is the first and only (we patented it) internal floating roof of it’s kind. Fully welded, open-compartment panels are field welded at the seams for the lowest emissions internal floating roof available anywhere. Because of our Strong-As-Steel design, the DISCUS OpenRaft does not need drains, keeping emissions as low as possible. This product establishes LAER – the Lowest Achievable Emissions Rate, and is suitable for use where that level of control technology is required.

All DISCUS panels are shop tested pre-construction to 4″ water column on the entire panel and vacuum box testing during installation. Due to our panel design, and construction protocol, the DISCUS OpenRaft™ is the only AIFR that is fully compliant with API 650 H.6.4

Strong as Steel

The OpenRaft™ is a series of rafts (aluminum panels), each consisting of a thick skin (3.4x API minimum) and panel frame with a yield strength of 35ksi (comparable to A36 steel). When fit together, the panel frames form I-beams that create tremendous structural strength.

4-way strength

FEA illustrates exaggerated displacements in both directions on the OpenRaft™ with a single point load between supports. While all other AIFRs only have support to the edges in one direction, the DISCUS patented 4-way design provides support in both N-S and E-W directions all the way to the edges.