Strong as steel

The DISCUS OpenRaft™—an aluminum deck with the benefits of steel, plus the advantages of aluminum.

Complies with API H 6.2.2b “Metallic open-top bulk-headed internal floating cover with peripheral and distributed compartments for buoyancy, usually made of steel.”

  • Stronger than any other aluminum floating roof
  • Designed to be suspended
  • Engineered to eliminate drains
  • Supports and connections designed for 12.5psf
  • Inherent corrosion resistance, especially to H2S and non-potable test waters

DISCUS Aluminum structural components have a yield strength of 35 ksi—compared to 36 ksi for A-36 steel.

  • Panel frame: proprietary extrusion (35ksi yield)
  • Panel skin: 1/16″ (0.063″) thick, marine grade (31ksi yield)
  • Top splice: 3/16″ thick with (16) 1/2″ SS bolts
  • Bottom splice (main): custom extrusion with (6) 3/8″ SS bolts
  • Bottom splice (cross): 3/16″ thick flat bar with (6) 3/8″ SS bolts